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We are dedicated to providing an easy-to-use platform that helps schools streamline administrative tasks and improve communication between students, teachers, and parents. Our system is designed to make it easier for schools to manage their operations, from class schedules and student records to financial management and staff resources and many more like...

  • Multi-school Management
  • Student Information Management
  • Parent Portal
  • Resource Allocation and many more...

We hope you find our Institution Help Desk(iHD) website useful and easy to use. If you have any questions or need support, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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What is a School Management System: Institution Help Desk(IHD)

Institution Help Desk (iHD) is a School Management System that is used to manage and administer various aspects of a school or educational institution. It typically includes features for managing student and teacher data, class schedules and attendance, grades and assessments, and communication between teachers, students, and parents. IHD also includes features for managing the financial and operational aspects of the institution.

  • 01 What makes Institution Help Desk (iHD) superior to other Student Information Systems (SIS)?

    An institute may prefer to use Institution Help Desk (IHD) over a student information system (SIS) because IHD offers a more comprehensive solution for managing and optimizing various administrative and academic tasks. IHD also includes features that are not available in an SIS, such as a messaging system, calendar, and news feed, which can improve communication and collaboration between educators, students, and parents. Additionally, IHD is more user-friendly and intuitive for school staff, as it is designed specifically for educational institutions.

  • An institute may prefer to use Institution Help Desk (IHD) over a learning management system (LMS) because an IHD offers a more comprehensive solution for managing and optimizing various administrative and academic tasks. IHD also includes features that are not available in an LMS, such as tools for managing student and teacher records, class schedules, and attendance tracking, as well as a messaging system and calendar for improved communication and collaboration.

Institution Help Desk

Empower your school community with: iHD PLUS and iHD OFFICE

iOS (Apple) and Android devices can access and interact with the IHD system via the IHD Plus and Office apps. Students, educators, and parents can access a variety of features and information using these apps. Records of student attendance, grades, class schedules, and more. IHD Plus and Office apps Features include:

Student and teacher records: Users may be able to access and view student and teacher records, such as enrollment data, timetable, assignments and many more.

Class schedules: Users can view class schedules and assignments, and be notified about upcoming events.

Grades and Report Cards: Students' grades and report cards are available, at ease in the parent's fingertip for easy tracking.

Attendance tracking: Track attendance records and receives absence notifications.

Calendar: Users may view and manage a calendar of events and deadlines.

News feed: Users can view class schedules and assignments, and be notified about upcoming events.

Essentially, IHD Plus and Office apps provide users with convenient mobile access to various institutional features and information.

How can Institution Help Desk (IHD) can benefit your institution ?

In addition to improving efficiency, communication, and student performance, IHD also increases security, reduces costs, and provides the following benefits:

  • 01 Improved efficiency and productivity

    IHD can help to streamline and automate various administrative tasks, such as managing student records, creating class schedules, and grading, which can free up school staff to focus on teaching and learning.

  • IHD offers features like a messaging system, calendar, and news feed that can enhance communication and collaboration among staff, students, and parents.

  • IHD can generate detailed records and reports that can enhance accountability and transparency within the school.

  • Institution Help Desk can help protect sensitive student data by providing secure storage and access controls.

  • IHD can help reduce the need for paper-based systems and manual processes, potentially resulting in cost savings for the school.


Institution Help Desk (IHD) Modules

IHD offers a range of modules to help schools and educational institutions manage and optimize their administrative and academic tasks. Some common modules included in IHD are as follows:

Lesson Plan
Online Class

Report Card
ID Card
Question Bank

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Our Education-Related Applications

Our iHD apps empower educational institutions by streamlining administrative tasks, enhancing communication and collaboration, and supporting data-driven decision-making to foster academic excellence. Here are some of the applications we offer:

School Management System


Student-Parent Application

Easily stay informed and connected with our school management app for parents and students.

School Management Software


Teacher-Office Management Application

Effortlessly manage your school and classroom tasks with our user-friendly IHD OFFICE app for teachers and staff.

School Management Erp


School Cloud Storage Application

Our school drive app is like a document store drive, helping you to easily store and access important documents of your institution.

Library Management Software

Online Class & Exam

Online Exam Management Application

Simplify online learning with our comprehensive school management app for online classes and exams.


Save time and streamline your school operations with all the tools you need to manage your school at a price you can afford with our Institution Help Desk [iHD].

Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ section will provide answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about IHD. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us for further assistance.