Save time and streamline your school operations with all the tools you need to manage your school at a price you can afford with our Institution Help Desk [iHD].

How can Institution Help Desk (IHD) can benefit your institution ?

In addition to improving efficiency, communication, and student performance, IHD also increases security, reduces costs, and provides the following benefits:

  • 01 Improved efficiency and productivity

    IHD can help to streamline and automate various administrative tasks, such as managing student records, creating class schedules, and grading, which can free up school staff to focus on teaching and learning.

  • IHD offers features like a messaging system, calendar, and news feed that can enhance communication and collaboration among staff, students, and parents.

  • IHD can generate detailed records and reports that can enhance accountability and transparency within the school.

  • Institution Help Desk can help protect sensitive student data by providing secure storage and access controls.

  • IHD can help reduce the need for paper-based systems and manual processes, potentially resulting in cost savings for the school.


Institution Help Desk (IHD) Modules

IHD offers a range of modules to help schools and educational institutions manage and optimize their administrative and academic tasks. Some common modules included in IHD are as follows:

Lesson Plan
Online Class

Report Card
ID Card
Question Bank