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Empower your Hospitality of service With Cllit SMS

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Empower your Hospitality of service With CLLIT SMS


Integrating SMS service with Insurance sector can capture new prospects, increase customer acquisition, and improve communication and retention process both for the organization and its customers. Insurance agents can send reminders on payment due dates, premium alerts and policy details to policy holders.


SMS aids banking sector by keeping the customers updated of their financial transactions. It keeps the customer 24/7 connected with the bank. With the integration of SMS with banking institutions, customers will not only miss any important update but also stay aware of any latest or altered banking rules and regulations.


Stock market is an uncertain industry with constant ups and downs. It is utmost important for stock brokers to keep informed their clients about market fluctuations. Communication between the investors and brokers about the uncertain market should be on real-time basis. SMS facilitates this process rapidly for brokers to serve their clients well.

Chit Funds

Chit funds is an institution which accepts savings at interest and lends money. SMS marketing is becoming a very widespread communication channel for Chit Funds. It can be used with chit funds for sharing updates like chit fund schemes, chit value, total members and monthly subscription.

Mutual Funds

A Mutual Fund is a trust that pools the savings of a number of investors who share a common financial goal. With the integration of SMS with mutual funds, one can track the markets regularly, find new investors, send regular updates to investors on real-time basis, and follow-up with customers.

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