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Empower your Hospitality of service With Cllit SMS

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Empower your Hospitality of service With CLLIT SMS


Mobile marketing is becoming the fastest and cheapest way of communication in entertainment industry. Use of SMS, in theatres are cost effective medium with direct reach to target audience. The added advantage is we can replace printing tickets with SMS technology.

Event Management

SMS service is one of the best & cost-effective marketing tool for Event Management Industry. With the use of SMS, you can constantly keep in touch with your customers. Event management companies prefer SMS service to reach out masses at large. It saves lot of time and money.


Businesses like Clubs and Associations need a reliable & dependable means of communication. They need to constantly update their members regarding various events. With the use of SMS service, they can update their customers on real-time basis.

Amusement Parks

Amusement parks can increase their earnings with the use of mobile marketing. From ticket booking to customer feedback, SMS service can be utilized in a lot of ways. Many businesses use this tool because it is cheap and a great long term investment.

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